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How well is your bag ‘BUILT’?

Date posted Tue Mar 30, 2010

The BUILT NY neoprene bags, totes & cases are actually built quite well. I began my journey with BUILT NY bags last Christmas when putting together my Christmas list. I remembered seeing one of these mentioned in a magazine a while back. The cuteness grabbed my attention. Luckily I did receive my very own Extra Relish Lunch Tote for Christmas 2009 and I’m loving it. It doesn’t look like a ‘lunch bag’, but just something fun and who knows what kind of bag it is? BUILT believes that “form is as important as function, and color is the glue that binds them together. Drawing inspiration from the city that never sleeps, we apply color and pattern to lunch totes, laptop sleeves, bottle totes, and more.”

They have so many items now for all different categories. Each item is made of neoprene, the stuff wet suits are made of; it’s soft, bendable, easily washable and protective. You can get a BUILT bag or tote for your laptop, netbook, camera, lunch, GPS, portable DVD player, external hard drive, USB flash drive, wine bottles, beer bottles, baby bottles, diaper bags, shoulder bags reusable shopping bags, and even oven mitts and pot holders.

Not too long ago BUILT paired up with Alexander Girard. They thought the colorful mid-century modern designs of Girard and their classic 21st century products would really create some amazing and unique pieces. Plus both of them are likeminded in their design philosophy as well. Amongst other news BUILT was also mentioned in the Boston Herald not too long ago for one of the new Alexander Girard pieces - go Boston!

Buy a BUILT bag for yourself or a friend. If you buy anything, get one for your laptop, people love them for tech gadgets the most! Visit their gift selection. Buy on their website or visit a retailer that carries BUILT, one of our favorite places, Magic Beans! Let us know if you have one or which one you buy.


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